SURNAME: Nightwish
AGE: 33
HEIGHT: 1,6m / 5”2.5’
WEIGHT: 46kg / 101,4lb
D.O.B: 20th of May, 4 BTC
P.O.B: Nar Shaddaa
GENDER: Female
STATUS: Single
OCCUPATION: Imperial Army, Medic, Scientist
RANK: Lieutenant
CURRENT RESIDENCE: Personal Quarters on the I.S.S. Amethyst Snare
ETHNICITY: Nar Shaddaaian
APPARENT AGE: Late Twenties / Early Thirties
BUILD: Petite, Fit
SPHERE: Technological Advancements
GOVERNING LORD: Lord Valqine "Atira" Vorath


Lylìth Nightwish, a child born into a family of esteemed doctors on the moon of Nar Shaddaa, faced a rather unfortunate upbringing characterized by a lack of warmth and affection from her parents. Her birth on the 20th of May, 4 BTC, to Dietmar Nightwish and his wife Sandra Nightwish may have granted her privileged status, but it did little to provide her with the love and attention a child so desperately craves.Dietmar Nightwish, Lylìth's father, was a man driven by ambition and success. As a prominent figure in the medical community, he held considerable influence and wealth, with an extensive portfolio of hospitals and medical districts under his control. Despite their immense prosperity, the Nightwish family was devoid of the nurturing environment that most children experience.From an early age, Lylìth's education was outsourced to a series of private tutors who played a pivotal role in her intellectual development. It was through these tutors that she acquired the ability to read, write, and gain a rudimentary understanding of various subjects. These tutors became her mentors, providing her with the knowledge and guidance that her parents failed to offer.When Lylìth reached the age of ten (6 ATC), her father, Dietmar Nightwish, introduced her to a select group of influential individuals who would shape her future in the realms of medicine and science. However, one could argue that this introduction was less about nurturing her talents and more about furthering his own ambitious agenda.Dietmar Nightwish, known for his calculated and cold demeanor, surrounded his daughter with accomplished physicians and scientists who possessed exceptional expertise in their respective fields. Among them were figures such as Ben Goldstein, whose pursuit of cybernetics improvements garnered him recognition, Golahr Krahz, a mastermind in molecular fusion and cell manipulation, and Zwerg Holstein, whose medical prowess was often intertwined with military affairs.Despite these high-profile connections, it became evident that Lylìth's interactions with her father were scarce and devoid of any genuine affection. Her glimpses of parental acknowledgment were fleeting, limited to the occasional appearance during larger festivities hosted by the Nightwish family.In this environment of emotional neglect, Lylìth sought solace and companionship in the nurturing presence of her tutors. These dedicated educators became her pillars of support, providing not only an education but also the emotional validation and encouragement that she craved. It was through these relationships that Lylìth discovered the warmth and recognition that had eluded her within her own family.As Lylìth's intellectual pursuits deepened, her rare appearances at public events became moments of respite from her isolated existence. During these grand celebrations, she would showcase her brilliance and grace, captivating those lucky enough to witness her remarkable intellect.Lylìth Nightwish's upbringing, marred by her father's cold and calculating nature, painted a portrait of a young girl seeking love and acknowledgement in a world that valued ambition above all else. It was her tutors who provided the nurturing environment and emotional connection that her parents failed to offer. As she continued to mature, the world eagerly awaited the next chapter in the life of this resilient and intellectually gifted young woman, whose journey promised to be both extraordinary and challenging.The enigmatic tale of Lylìth Nightwish, shrouded in mystery and intrigue, takes an even more puzzling turn as she traverses her late adolescence and early adulthood. Between the ages of 18 and 27, a period that would typically be filled with noteworthy achievements and milestones, no records or traces of Lylìth's whereabouts could be found. It was as if she had vanished from the annals of history, leaving behind nothing but a void that begged to be filled with answers.However, it was at the age of 27 that Lylìth reemerged from the shadows, making a resolute decision to enlist in the prestigious Imperial Academy. The reasons for her sudden enrollment remained unknown, concealed within the depths of her enigmatic past. As she stepped foot into the hallowed halls of the Academy, she embarked on a new chapter in her life, one that would set her on a path entwined with the Empire's medical endeavors.Almost immediately after joining the Academy, Lylìth found herself placed in a rigorous program that focused on training the next generation of medical personnel for the Empire. With her characteristic determination and unwavering work ethic, she quickly rose to the top of her class, leaving an indelible mark with a perfect score in all medical, biological, and chemical subjects. It seemed as though her innate understanding of the intricate mechanisms of the human body and the delicate art of healing propelled her to unprecedented heights of excellence.However, while Lylìth's medical acumen was beyond reproach, she found herself slightly "lagging" behind in classes of a more warfare-oriented nature. Her performance in these areas, while still commendable, was merely on par with the average scores of her fellow Privates. It appeared that her aptitude for sniping, in particular, was an aspect in which she demonstrated proficiency that surpassed the norm. The uncanny ability to hold her hands still for extended periods, up to 40 minutes, without wavering or growing fatigued, lent itself to her skills as a marksman.Yet, despite her exemplary performance and the promise she exhibited, Lylìth's Academy journey came to an unexpected and premature end. Rumors circulated among the cadets, hinting at undisclosed events that allegedly traced back to her father, Dietmar Nightwish. Speculation swirled, insinuating that unseen forces influenced the trajectory of her career. What precisely transpired remained shrouded in secrecy, leaving the truth obscured and open to speculation.Consequently, Lylìth Nightwish completed her tenure at the Academy as a Private, her potential as a rising star within the Empire's medical ranks untapped. The curtailed trajectory of her military career only deepened the enigma surrounding her, adding another layer of complexity to her already captivating narrative.As Lylìth exited the Academy, she carried with her a wealth of knowledge, honed skills, and a burning desire to forge her own path. The void left by the missing years in her life, coupled with the circumstances surrounding her departure from the Imperial Academy, served as a catalyst for the next chapter in her enigmatic journey. What lay ahead for Lylìth Nightwish, a woman of extraordinary talent and shadowed past, was yet to be revealed, awaiting the unraveling of the secrets that bound her fate.The next phase of Lylìth Nightwish's journey unfolded as she embarked on her service as a private in the Imperial ranks. Her initial two years were marked by deployments to diverse worlds, each presenting its own unique challenges and opportunities. From the icy plains of Hoth to the serene landscapes of Alderaan and the foreboding atmosphere of Dromund Kaas, Lylìth served as a medical officer, tending to the wounded and upholding the Empire's commitment to its personnel's well-being.It was during this period that Lylìth honed her skills under the demanding circumstances of war-torn environments. Her tireless dedication and unwavering commitment to saving lives garnered her respect among her comrades. Whether it was patching up soldiers wounded in the frigid battles on Hoth, offering solace and healing to those devastated by the destruction on Alderaan, or navigating the treacherous terrain of Dromund Kaas, Lylìth exemplified the qualities of a compassionate and skilled medical practitioner.However, fate had other plans for Lylìth Nightwish. On the pivotal date of July 9th, 27 ATC, her journey took an unforeseen turn as she received a transfer order to the prestigious Eclipse Powerbase and the awe-inspiring I.S.S. Sword of Retribution. This significant reassignment placed her in the Pillar of Penumbra, a distinguished division operating under the leadership of the formidable Sith Valqine.The Pillar of Penumbra represented a realm of shadowy power and enigmatic influence within the Empire. Tasked with intricate operations and covert endeavors, this division required individuals of exceptional skill and unwavering loyalty. Lylìth, with her formidable medical expertise and undeniable determination, had caught the attention of the influential Sith Valqine. Placing her under his wing, Valqine recognized the unique potential Lylìth possessed, both as a highly capable medical officer and as an individual harboring hidden depths.Within the confines of the Pillar of Penumbra, Lylìth would navigate the intricate web of intrigue, secrecy, and power that characterized her new environment. The enigmatic Sith Valqine would become her mentor, guiding her through the intricacies of their operations and imparting his wisdom upon her. Under his tutelage, Lylìth would confront the shadows that haunted her past and forge her destiny in the crucible of darkness and ambition.The transfer to the Eclipse Powerbase and the I.S.S. Sword of Retribution marked a pivotal juncture in Lylìth's odyssey, propelling her into the heart of the Empire's clandestine operations. The newfound alliance with Sith Valqine and her placement in the prestigious Pillar of Penumbra opened doors to a world where secrets held immense power and the slightest misstep could prove fatal.As Lylìth settled into her new role, her journey became entwined with the intricate tapestry of Imperial intrigue, teetering on the precipice of light and darkness. With each passing day, her resolve strengthened, and the mystery surrounding her past unraveled inch by inch, revealing glimpses of her true purpose and potential.The date of August 23rd, 27 ATC marked a significant milestone in Lylìth Nightwish's career as she ascended to the rank of Specialist. This promotion validated her exceptional skills and expertise, elevating her to a position of authority within the Empire's medical hierarchy. Shortly after attaining this prestigious title, Lylìth's talents were recognized, and she was entrusted with the role of leading medical officer in charge of the esteemed medical facility aboard the I.S.S. Sword of Retribution.The date of October 25th, 27 ATC witnessed another advancement in Lylìth's career, as she was promoted to the esteemed rank of Petty Officer. This elevation in rank affirmed her proven competence and dedication, granting her increased responsibilities and opportunities for further growth within the Empire's military infrastructure.However, it was on the fateful day of March 17th, 28 ATC that Lylìth's journey took an unexpected turn. She was bestowed with the esteemed title of Magistrate to Lord Atira, the former Sith Valqine, and was appointed as the second-in-command of the Pillar of Penumbra. Lylìth's remarkable ascent had reached its zenith, as she found herself serving as Lord Atira's personal secretary, entrusted with the delicate task of managing his affairs. This position of immense trust and influence solidified her status as a key figure within the enigmatic Pillar of Penumbra.Throughout her tenure as Magistrate, Lylìth's organizational skills and unwavering loyalty to Lord Atira earned her accolades and further recognition. She navigated the intricate labyrinth of Sith politics and maneuvered deftly within the shadows, acting as a trusted confidante and advisor to her enigmatic superior.As the days turned into months, Lylìth's unyielding dedication to her craft became apparent. By April 11th, 28 ATC, she achieved the rank of Ensign, signifying her continued growth and commitment to the Empire's cause. Her proficiency in the realm of biochemistry and her unparalleled understanding of chemical intricacies led her to spearhead a multitude of groundbreaking projects.Under her guidance, a total of ten bio-chemical projects were successfully completed, a testament to her unyielding ambition and relentless pursuit of scientific advancement. These projects, for the most part, remained shrouded in secrecy, their true nature known only to the inner circles of the Pillar of Penumbra, the Eclipse Powerbase, and the Vorath Powerbase. While two of these endeavors aimed to assist individuals in need, the rest veered into the realm of toxicology, serving as potent tools in the Empire's arsenal.It was within the confines of her private laboratory that Lylìth's more obscure and unconventional tendencies emerged. In the solitude of her workspace, she embraced her more unorthodox and, some might say, even psychotic inclinations. These hidden facets of her personality found an outlet within the boundaries of her experiments, allowing her to explore the darker aspects of her scientific pursuits.The date of July 25th, 28 ATC witnessed Lylìth's promotion to the esteemed rank of Lieutenant. Her unwavering dedication and remarkable proficiency in the realm of biochemistry had caught the attention of her superiors, culminating in this latest elevation of her status. With this promotion came an expansion in her responsibilities, and the number of bio-chemical projects under her purview grew to an impressive total of sixteen. These ambitious undertakings demanded painstaking effort and attention to detail, with some ventures taking up to a year to reach completion.As Lylìth Nightwish continued her ascent through the ranks, her relentless pursuit of scientific discovery and unwavering loyalty to the Empire propelled her towards unprecedented heights. The enigma that surrounded her continued to deepen, with each accomplishment further cementing her reputation as an indispensable figure within the Empire's clandestine web of power and influence. The trajectory of her journey remained obscured, leaving one to wonder what future challenges and triumphs awaited this enigmatic lieutenant on her path of shadows and secrets.

Lylìth Nightwish emerged as the inaugural follower of Lord Atira, wholeheartedly embracing his vision and becoming an unwavering supporter. Drawn to his commanding presence and unyielding dedication to the Empire, she pledged her loyalty, establishing herself as a steadfast ally and a pillar of strength. Through her unshakable devotion, Lylìth earned a place within the inner core of House Vorath.However, beneath the surface of her unwavering loyalty, Lylìth bore the weight of a profound wrongdoing committed against Lord Atira. The specifics of this transgression remained shrouded in secrecy, a deeply personal burden that haunted her conscience relentlessly. Lylìth's heart was burdened with guilt and remorse, perpetually reminding her of the mistake she had made—a mistake she could never fully forgive herself for.Despite her instrumental role in House Vorath and her unflagging dedication to their cause, Lylìth's internal struggle persisted. The knowledge of her misdeed cast a shadow over her unwavering devotion, threatening to erode her self-perception. She remained a steadfast asset to Lord Atira and House Vorath, yet her inner turmoil served as a constant reminder of her own fallibility.Deep within her being, Lylìth carried the weight of her past actions—a burden she would forever bear. The remorse she felt permeated her every thought and action, a perpetual reminder of her own shortcomings. However, she channeled her remorse into a relentless pursuit of redemption, seeking solace and forgiveness through her unwavering dedication to Lord Atira and her unyielding commitment to the Empire's objectives.As Lylìth Nightwish traversed the treacherous path of loyalty and remorse, she fought tirelessly to reclaim her sense of purpose and self-worth. She endeavored to prove her unwavering loyalty, even as the weight of her past misdeeds threatened to consume her. The journey towards redemption was fraught with challenges, but Lylìth's indomitable spirit remained steadfast, driven by her unshakable belief in Lord Atira and her unwavering commitment to the Empire's cause.


Imperial Service Ribbon

Awarded for the succesful completion of one year of service OR Complete five missions in the name of the Empire.

Imperial Service Ribbon II

Awarded for the succesful completion of five years of service OR Complete ten missions in the name of the Empire.

Imperial Service Ribbon III

Awarded for the succesful completion of ten years of service OR Complete twenty missions in the name of the Empire.

Imperial Service Ribbon IV

Awarded for the succesful completion of twenty years of service OR Complete fifty missions in the name of the Empire.

The Purple Heart

Awarded for getting heavily wounded in the field of battle in the name of the Empire. Then Surviving. Awards the use of the callsign "Ironclad".

The Purple Heart II

Awarded for getting gravily wounded in the field of battle in the name of the Empire. Then Surviving. Awards the use of the callsign "Immortal".

The Saviour's Medal

Awarded to those who save a comrade's life after they're grievously wounded. Awards the use of the callsign "Saviour".

The Medal of Sacrifical Defence

Awarded for defending against significant forces.
Likely being wounded in the process.

The Medal of Sacrifical Defence II

Awarded for defending against overwhelming forces.
Likely being wounded in the process.

The Medal of Unbreakable Will

Awarded for successfully repulsing a provable mental attack. Awards the use of the callsign "Resolute".

Mark of the Commando

Awarded to those who dispatch a Republic Commando with a single shot.

Mark of the Sword

Awarded to those who go blade to blade with a Jedi and survive.

Mark of the Hijacker

Awarded to those who successfully hijack an enemy vehicle.

The Special Service Medal

Awarded to those who utilise their specialisation's talents to achieve victory.


Beneath the layers of Lylìth Nightwish's calculated and composed demeanor lay a warm and kindhearted soul. Despite her upbringing and the coldness she had experienced from her parents, she had cultivated a genuine empathy for others. This compassion extended not only to her fellow Imperial comrades but also to those who found themselves in need of medical care and support. Lylìth possessed an innate ability to provide solace and healing, a testament to her inherent goodness.However, her unwavering loyalty to Lord Atira, formerly known as Sith Valqine, became an unyielding force within her. A fierce devotion burned within her heart, shaping her every thought and action. Lylìth's loyalty knew no bounds, driving her to protect and serve Lord Atira at any cost. So great was her allegiance that with a mere word from him, she would willingly take up arms and seek to eliminate anyone who dared stand in Lord Atira's way.This unyielding loyalty occasionally led Lylìth down darker paths. There was a chilling intensity within her, fueled by her devotion to scientific progress and her unwavering faith in Lord Atira's vision. Within the confines of her laboratory, her psyche danced on the edge of sanity, and a twisted fascination with experimentation took hold. Lylìth's penchant for test subjects became notorious, as she viewed them as mere stepping stones on the path to unlocking the secrets of the future. Her personal quote, "Those who lost their lives in the name of science are but collateral damage on our way into the Future!" exemplified her skewed moral compass, as she saw sacrifices as necessary steps toward greater knowledge and progress.There were moments when even those in positions of power were taken aback by Lylìth's unbridled zeal. In a rare incident, she once almost pulled a gun on Darth Vossen, a superior to Lord Atira. The intensity of her loyalty and her unyielding nature threatened to break the chains of command and challenge the very fabric of the Empire's hierarchical structure. Her fervent belief in Lord Atira's leadership propelled her to the precipice of defiance, showcasing the depths of her devotion and her unwavering willingness to protect her chosen master.In Lylìth's eyes, Sith Lords and Darths stood as demi-gods in this world, wielding unimaginable power and guiding the Empire with their iron will. She viewed herself and her fellow Imperials as mere cannon fodder, pawns in a greater game orchestrated by these god-like figures. This perception solidified her conviction to push the boundaries of science. Lylìth's unwavering loyalty, combined with her ruthless pursuit of scientific progress, ensured that she would go to any lengths to serve the will of Lord Atira and the Empire, even if it meant venturing into the darkest corners of her own psyche.As Lylìth Nightwish continued her journey within the Empire, her complex and multi-faceted personality unfolded, revealing a tapestry woven from warm compassion, unwavering loyalty, and a chilling propensity for scientific experimentation. Her role within the Pillar of Penumbra, under the guidance of Lord Atira, would test the limits of her allegiance and drive her further down a path paved with shadows and the pursuit of power.



Face Shape:
Her facial structure is best described as an oval, exhibiting well-balanced proportions and a gentle tapering towards the chin. This versatile face shape lends itself well to a variety of hairstyles and makeup looks.
Her most captivating feature is her expressive and sparkling eyes. Characterized by their large, almond shape, they possess a mesmerizing color that intensifies her gaze, adding an alluring allure. The shape of her eyes creates an illusion of openness, enabling her to convey a wide range of emotions.
Her eyebrows are well-defined and meticulously maintained, featuring a natural arch that beautifully frames her eyes. They possess a distinct shape that enhances the overall symmetry of her face, without being overly thick.
Her nose exhibits an elegant sculpting and a straight bridge that harmonizes with her facial structure. The tip of her nose possesses a subtle roundness and refinement, contributing to her overall soft and gentle appearance.
One of her most distinctive and alluring features are her lips. They showcase a well-defined Cupid's bow, accentuating her upper lip. Naturally full, her lips possess a soft and captivating hue. They exude a youthful and sensual quality, effortlessly complementing various lip colors and finishes.
Cheeks and Jawline:
Her cheekbones are subtly prominent, adding a sculpted dimension to her face. They provide definition and contribute to the overall symmetry of her facial structure. The jawline is well-defined with a slight taper, lending an elegant touch to her features.
She possesses a radiant complexion that appears flawless. Her skin is renowned for its natural glow and smooth texture. With a fair complexion, her even and luminous skin tone further enhances the impact of her features.


Lylìth stands at a height of 1.6 meters (5'2.5"), exuding a compact yet graceful presence. Her fair and pale skin tone adds an elegant touch to her overall appearance, creating a striking contrast against her pink hair and icy-blue eyes.She possesses a fit and agile body that suits her multifaceted roles. While her physique may not be as imposing as that of frontline soldiers, she maintains a toned form that reflects her dedication to preserving her physical capabilities. Her muscles are defined without being overly prominent, emphasizing her endurance and the necessary strength to meet the demands of her profession.With a slender yet athletic frame, she moves swiftly and with precision, a valuable asset in scientific research and combat situations alike. Despite her fitness, she retains a feminine softness that resonates with her nurturing and caring nature as a medic.


Caring and Nurturing Gestures:
Her body language emanates warmth and compassion, conveying her caring nature. She often engages in gentle and reassuring gestures, such as offering warm smiles and inclining her head softly. Her movements flow with grace, reflecting her innate nurturing instincts and genuine concern for others.
Attentive Posture:
Even amidst the Sith and her demanding roles as a scientist, medic, and soldier, she maintains an attentive posture. Standing tall and upright, she demonstrates her dedication and professionalism. Her body language signifies an unwavering focus on her tasks, underscoring her commitment to fulfilling her responsibilities.
Controlled and Deliberate Movements:
Her movements are purposeful and precise, unveiling her disciplined approach to her duties. Whether administering medical aid or analyzing scientific data, her gestures and actions are deliberate, highlighting her attention to detail and the significance she places on accuracy.
Subtle Defensive Signals:
As a mere human navigating the Sith, she subtly exhibits defensive signals within her body language. This may manifest as slight muscle tension, a guarded posture, or occasional positioning that reflects her awareness of escape routes. These signals reveal her astute understanding of her vulnerable position, emphasizing her need to remain vigilant in such environments, particularly when confronted or in close proximity to unknown Sith individuals.
Empathetic Eye Contact:
Her eye contact conveys her empathetic nature. When interacting with others, she maintains genuine eye contact, attentively listening and demonstrating a willingness to understand their concerns. Her eyes radiate kindness and depth, enabling others to feel seen and heard in her presence. However, at times, the intensity of her gaze may hint at a penetrating nature, as if attempting to see through the façade of the individuals before her.


Exceptional Medical Skills

Lylìth Nightwish possessed exceptional medical skills that set her apart from her peers. With a comprehensive understanding of anatomy, physiology, and advanced surgical techniques, she was a proficient healer in the field of medicine. Her ability to diagnose complex medical conditions and devise innovative treatment plans showcased her analytical mind and attention to detail. Lylìth's steady hands and precise movements made her a surgeon of unparalleled precision, allowing her to navigate delicate procedures with unwavering accuracy. Whether it was tending to wounded comrades on the battlefield or conducting intricate surgical interventions, her medical expertise was invaluable to the Empire.

Mastery of Scientific Inquiry

In addition to her prowess in medicine, Lylìth possessed an extraordinary aptitude for scientific inquiry. Her knowledge spanned various scientific disciplines, including biochemistry, bio-engineering, chemistry, and biology. She exhibited a keen intellect and an insatiable curiosity that fueled her drive for scientific exploration. Lylìth's ability to unravel complex biological processes and design groundbreaking experiments showcased her mastery of scientific methodology. She delved into the realms of molecular fusion, cell manipulation, and other cutting-edge fields, consistently pushing the boundaries of scientific knowledge. Her innovative approach and groundbreaking research endeavored to reshape the future of medical advancements within the Empire.

Formidable Sniper Skills

While Lylìth's expertise in medicine and science were awe-inspiring, her skills as a sniper were equally formidable. Though she may have lagged behind in more warfare-oriented classes during her training, her abilities as a marksman were nothing short of exceptional. Lylìth's unwavering focus and her capability to maintain perfect stillness for extended periods made her an ideal sniper. Her keen eye for detail and her ability to assess the environment with precision allowed her to identify targets swiftly and execute shots with deadly accuracy. Lylìth's proficiency with a sniper rifle made her a force to be reckoned with in combat situations, where her lethal precision often turned the tide in favor of the Empire.In the triad of Lylìth Nightwish's skills, her medical expertise, scientific acumen, and prowess as a sniper converged to create a formidable and versatile asset to the Empire. Her unique combination of talents positioned her as a vital cog in the machinery of power, capable of not only tending to the wounded and pushing the boundaries of scientific discovery but also eliminating threats with lethal precision. Lylìth's diverse skill set and unwavering dedication to her duties ensured that she remained a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield and within the clandestine corridors of scientific progress.


Everafter Hospital

- Planet: Nar Shaddaa
- District: Redlight District
- Supervisor: Dr. med. Sophie Bornston
- Employees: 78.990


- Craniotomy
- Neurosurgery
- Craniectomy
- Stereotactic craniotomy
- Stereotactic brain biopsy
- Endoscopic craniotomy


- Planet: Nar Shaddaa
- District: Redlight District
- Supervisor: Dr. med. Anne-Marie Gorlak
- Employees: 73.783


- Craniotomy
- Neurosurgery
- Craniectomy
- Stereotactic craniotomy
- Stereotactic brain biopsy
- Endoscopic craniotomy

Sundown Hospital

- Planet: Nar Shaddaa
- District: Corellian Sector
- Supervisor: Dr. med. Joklak Barfek
- Employees: 53.216


- Adolescent psychiatry
- Behavioural medicine
- Biopsychiatry
- Child psychiatry
- Community psychiatry
- Cross-cultural
- Darwinian psychiatry
- Emergency psychiatry

Borlok Clinic

- Planet: Nar Shaddaa
- District: Redlight District
- Supervisor: Dr. med. Borlok
- Employees: 11


- Outpatients

Johnston the 2nd, Clinic

- Planet: Nar Shaddaa
- District: Redlight District
- Supervisor: Dr. med. Johnston Johnston
- Employees: 21


- Outpatients

Nightwish Laboratories I - VII

- Planet: Nar Shaddaa
- District: Corellian-Sector
- Laboratories for Biochemistry: 4
- Laboratories for Toxicology: 2
- Laboratories for Cybernetics: 1

Extraction-Unit 1b-33c

- Planet: Manaan
- District: Northern Hemi-sphere
- Supervisor: Dr. A.J.
- Employees: 264


- Kolto extraction and refinement


The Shadow's Veil frontline armor

The "Shadow's Veil" frontline armor was specifically designed for Lieutenant Lylìth Nighwish. This advanced suit of armor served as a versatile protective garment, enabling her to navigate treacherous terrains and engage enemies with precision while ensuring her own survival on the frontlines. The armor strikes a balance between mobility, stealth, and essential medical functionality, allowing her to operate independently and adapt to various combat situations.1.
Protective Components:
The "Shadow's Veil" armor is constructed using lightweight, yet durable, composite materials. It provides ample protection against small arms fire, shrapnel, and other low- to medium-impact threats encountered on the battlefield. The armor's plating is resistant to blaster bolts and equipped with energy dispersion fields to mitigate the effects of incoming enemy fire.
Enhanced Mobility:
To maintain agility and maneuverability, the armor incorporates an exoskeleton framework that augments the wearer's physical capabilities. Lightweight alloys and micro-servomotors assist in minimizing the encumbrance of the armor, allowing the sniper to move swiftly and quietly. The armor's joints are designed to provide a wide range of motion without compromising structural integrity, ensuring the sniper can assume various firing positions and engage targets effectively.
Stealth and Camouflage:
Recognizing the importance of stealth for a sniper, the "Shadow's Veil" armor employs advanced stealth technology. The suit is equipped with adaptive camouflage systems that analyze the surrounding environment and adjust the armor's coloration and texture to blend seamlessly with the surroundings. This feature helps the sniper to remain concealed from both visual and electronic detection, enhancing their survivability and enabling them to execute precise strikes on unsuspecting enemies.
Integrated Medical Kit:
The "Shadow's Veil" armor goes beyond protection and agility, featuring a compact yet comprehensive integrated medical kit. This kit is built into the forearm gauntlet and contains essential medical supplies such as sterile bandages, field dressings, antiseptics, and injectable medications. The sniper can access the medical kit quickly during combat or attend to their own injuries or those of nearby allies without the need for external assistance.
The medical kit also includes a small diagnostic scanner capable of assessing the severity of wounds, fractures, and vital signs. This information is relayed to the sniper through a heads-up display (HUD) inside the helmet, allowing them to make informed decisions about treatment and prioritize medical attention accordingly.Whilst the back armoring would house a large independent medical kit, filled with a wider array of different medical instruments, to assist in most scenarios.5.
Communication and Tactical Systems:
The "Shadow's Veil" armor is equipped with a sophisticated communication suite, including encrypted long-range comms and short-range tactical channels. This enables the sniper to maintain constant contact with command or relay vital information to team members, enhancing coordination and situational awareness.
Additionally, the helmet features an advanced heads-up display (HUD) with targeting assistance, ballistic calculators, and environmental sensors. These tools provide real-time data, such as wind speed, range estimation,

The MKII-Storm Slugthrower Sniper Rifle

Stands as a formidable long-range weapon wielded by proficient marksmen within the expansive tapestry of the Star Wars galaxy. Diverging from the mainstream blaster rifles reliant on plasma or energy-based projectiles, the MKII-Storm adopts a traditional ballistic methodology. Leveraging kinetic energy, this exceptional firearm propels solid projectiles, aptly named "slugs," to remarkable velocities, delivering devastating impact upon targets.Exemplifying sleek lines and an elongated profile, the MKII-Storm Slugthrower Sniper Rifle embodies a meticulously crafted design engineered to ensure unwavering stability and unrivaled precision. The elongated barrel endows heightened accuracy and extended engagement distances, while the ergonomically optimized stock and frame prioritize equilibrium and mitigate recoil, empowering shooters to maintain resolute aim through each well-calibrated shot.The MKII-Storm Sniper Rifle's ammunition chiefly comprises metallic slugs, their composition and configuration varying considerably. These slugs are meticulously forged from dense materials like lead, steel, or purpose-engineered alloys. Select variants even incorporate specialized rounds endowed with armor-piercing or explosive capabilities, further augmenting the rifle's efficacy against fortified or heavily armored adversaries.At the core of the rifle's operational excellence resides its sophisticated optical sighting system, which integrates advanced targeting capabilities and ballistic calculators. A cutting-edge scope, characterized by formidable magnification capabilities, endows the sharpshooter with unparalleled clarity and precision in target acquisition and tracking. This elevated situational awareness ensures optimal engagement efficacy, even at prodigious ranges, solidifying the MKII-Storm's status as a pinnacle of long-range marksmanship.While the MKII-Storm Sniper Rifle deviates from the instantaneous energy release characteristic of blasters, it offers discernible advantages. Its solid projectiles defy facile deflection by energy shields, conferring particular efficacy against adversaries relying on such protective measures. Furthermore, the MKII-Storm's discrete absence of plasma emissions obfuscates the shooter's position, granting a tactical edge in environments where concealment plays a decisive role.Although the MKII-Storm Slugthrower Sniper Rifle assumes a lesser prevalence within the vast armament arsenal compared to blaster variants, seasoned marksmen with a penchant for tradition and tactical advantages recognize its unwavering reliability and lethal potential in engagements characterized by extended ranges and the pursuit of unparalleled precision.

The INC-1DS or "Inexos Cacophony-Mark 1 Disruptor Sniper Rifle"

It has an ammo capacity of 6 shots per power pack, has both a single shot (consumes 1 shot from the power pack per shot) and a charged shot (consumes 5 shots from the power pack per shot) firing configuration, and enjoys an optimal range of 120 meters, with a maximum range of 500 meters, and it requires a high amount of recoil management. Will overheat very quickly, and requires the weapon to cool down for up to 5 seconds after each single shot, or up to 30 seconds after a charged shot. When using the single shot configuration, the INC-1DS will fire a beam that ignores shields and lightsabers, and disintegrates a target upon contact provided they wear heavy or lighter armour. Meanwhile a charged shot allows the INC-1DS to fire through super heavy armour as well as the armour from most vehicles used in ground combat, and then disintegrate the target. Making it suitable for taking out targets in cover, in a vehicle or even highly specialised super heavy infantry armour.

Lylìth's cybernetic left arm

Is a marvel of technology, constructed entirely from the rare and durable metal known as phrik. The arm's exterior is adorned with a sleek, metallic matte silver finish, giving it a futuristic and sophisticated appearance. However, what truly catches the eye is the mesmerizing pink hue emanating from its inner workings, providing a subtle yet captivating contrast.Designed by Sith Lord Nadina Kraujas and Medical Director Rivalla Alderia, with both combat and medical functionality in mind, the cybernetic arm possesses various unique features. Firstly, it incorporates an advanced recoil stabilizer, ingeniously engineered to compensate for the intense kickback generated by her sniper rifle. This stabilizer enhances her accuracy and allows her to maintain precise aim, ensuring every shot hits its mark.In addition to its ballistic support, the arm's fingertips hold an intriguing secret. Underneath the metal exterior, each fingertip conceals a syringe tip, ready to be revealed when needed. This discreet compartment houses a versatile array of medical fluids, granting her the ability to administer specialized treatments or emergency first aid in the heat of battle. Whether it's administering healing serums or specialized antidotes, the syringes can swiftly and accurately deliver the necessary medical aid to her or those in need.Overall, her cybernetic left arm showcases the harmonious fusion of cutting-edge technology, durability, and versatility. The combination of phrik construction, the striking metallic matte silver and pink interior, and the integrated features like the recoil stabilizer and hidden syringes, make it an impressive and formidable addition to her arsenal.

The Loyal Companion: R1

By Lylìth Nightwish's side stood a faithful companion, an R1-H5 astromech droid affectionately known as "R1." This droid had been specially modified to serve as her trusted assistant, particularly in her medical endeavors. One of R1's notable modifications was the addition of a modified top, designed to securely carry and balance a specialized medical tray.R1, with its sleek and utilitarian design, became an indispensable asset to Lylìth's medical missions. With a vast array of diagnostic tools and equipment built into its compact frame, the droid seamlessly assisted her in various medical procedures. Its ability to swiftly navigate medical facilities and access vital information proved invaluable, allowing Lylìth to provide prompt and efficient care to those in need.But it was R1's modified top that truly set it apart. With a careful balance mechanism, it could securely carry the medical tray, holding an assortment of surgical instruments, sterile supplies, and life-saving medications. This feature allowed Lylìth to have immediate access to essential resources during critical moments, enabling her to respond swiftly to emergencies and provide swift medical aid in the heat of battle.The symbiotic relationship between Lylìth and R1 was forged through countless hours of collaboration and mutual trust. The droid's astute observations and unwavering support became the foundation of their partnership. R1's unwavering loyalty to its master mirrored Lylìth's own devotion to Lord Atira, creating a harmonious synergy that ensured their collective success.Together, Lylìth and R1 became an unstoppable force, their shared expertise and unwavering dedication complementing one another. Whether it was tending to wounded soldiers, conducting intricate medical procedures, or navigating treacherous environments, the bond between Lylìth and R1 symbolized the profound connection between human ingenuity and technological assistance, culminating in a formidable team that brought hope and healing to those in need.




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